Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Although Dave is back to work after several days off, we still took time this morning to snow shoe in the 'back 40' again. The first day of 2008 brought another snowstorm, dropping another six inches. This time I took the camera with me, and took some photos.

The snowfall was heavy and wet, forcing the smaller saplings to bend and fall over the trails. Dave took the lead on the walk, and knocked the snow off the trees. Part of the trail was completely covered by the snow-bent trees, and most of it had snow tunnels that had formed because of the trees.

We'll now feel the temperatures drop this afternoon as we enter a cold snap. As I write this, the temps have been dropping steadily, and will plummet to below zero F by tonight. This will be a good test for our new source of heating the house -- entirely by the woodstove. I'll keep my turtlenecks, wool sweaters and the dogs close by, as back up.

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