Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Replacing a broken table leg

While the past Memorial Day Weekend was a time for family and fun, the 'Official' start of summer, I spent some of that weekend working in the studio. A woman contacted me about turning a replacement leg for a maple table that had been in her family for about 30-40 years.

As most of you know, I'm primarily a bowl turner. But I do enjoy a challenge, so took on this job as just one more turning. After calculating the materials costs and labor, I came up with a quote. The customer had no problem with that (hmmm... maybe I underquoted?)

Here's the finished table leg, ready for stain. And yes, I underquoted my labor. Lesson learned for next time.

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Lindsay Freese said...

I have two stair ballisters (different) that have been sitting in my shop for some time. Requests from family members to replace broken ones. Thanks for your prodding me to get this done, they don't look like bowls to me either, but now I know even a bowl turner can accomplish this challenge. Thanks Donna

Lindsay F.